International Festival – Friday, November 17

International Day Celebration 

The festivities will include songs, dances, fashions, and foods from around the world; a smorgasbord of international dishes will be available for tasting. Wake Tech’s student body represents an incredible 156 different nations. International Day was established to promote respect and understanding among all cultures.

Southern Wake Campus
Building L (SSB) Conference Center
11:00a.m. – 1:30p.m.

Northern Wake Campus 
Building E 204/Lecture Hall
1:00 – 4:00p.m.

Wake Tech is committed to fostering an environment of respect and understanding among cultures. The college serves a diverse student body, with 106 countries represented. The International Day celebration is being organized by the office of Student Activities, the Student Government Association, and the International Friends Club.

Google Docs Phishing Attack

This is a notice to inform you of a potential security threat of an ongoing phishing scam that targets users by disguising itself as a Google Docs sharing request. Please be aware of security threats during day-to day email tasks; do not open a document from someone that you aren’t expecting, or can’t verify the origin of. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Google Docs Phishing attack.

The malicious email was easily identified as addressed to hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh<at>

This specific attack performed the following:

·         Uses the existing Google login system
·         Uses the name “Google Docs”
·         Is only detectable as fake if you happen to click “Google Docs” whilst granting permission
·         Replicates itself by sending itself to all your contacts
·         Bypasses any 2-factor authentication / login alerts
·         Will send scam/phishing emails to everyone in your contacts

While Google has already acted to prevent further spread, individual users who clicked the link may still be at risk.  Especially those users who have Google accounts.

Google is strongly recommending impacted users perform a SecurityCheckup to make sure that no malicious applications have access to their individual account.  This link will direct a logged in Google user to the Security Checkup page:

IMPORTANT – Office 365 Login Changes for Students

Office 365 Log In

In order to prepare for the migration to the new Student Portal on “Go”, there will be some slight changes to the way you log into your Office 365 email. Beginning Thursday, October 13th, when you go to the Office 365 login page (, you will enter your Wake Tech email address. Once you enter your Wake Tech email address and press the Tab key to move to the next field (or use the mouse to click on the next field) to attempt to enter your password, you will be immediately taken to another login page. Enter your Key Account User name and Password on this page, and then click the Sign In button. Once you sign in, you will be taken back to your email account in Office 365.

adfs1c adfs2c
Step 1: At Office 365 login page, enter your Wake Tech Email Address Step 2: On the login page that immediately follows, enter your Key Account User name and Password.
Step 3: After signing in, you will be taken back to Office 365

Please contact the IT Service Desk at 919-866-7000 if you have questions.