How to Post Announcements

The posts seen on the “Announcements Home” page are automatically fed into to form the “General Announcements” section.

If you are faculty or staff, and your department head or dean would like you to post announcements, you can have your account set up to post announcements on your own.

Here is what you need to do to gain announcement posting access:

  1. Have your supervisor create a SchoolDude request for “Web Site” and ask to have access granted to you to post announcements. (make sure your supervisor tells us the access is for you or we will be looking to set up access for your supervisor)
  2. Once we set your permissions, we will call you to step you through the process of posting an announcement.

Announcements should not…

  1. Be uncategorized.
  2. Be contained only in an image.¬† You must post in text to insure that all of our students (including those with visual disabilities) can read the announcements.¬† If you have an image or flyer, you may post it as an attachment as a supplemental material, but you must also provide plain text within the announcement’s post. (also see #4)
  3. Have an undefined or blank expiration date.
  4. Contain clip art or other imagery that you did not obtain from Design & Publications.
  5. Contain underlined text that is not a web link.